A Thousand Words Project

If a pictures worth a thousand words, then what might some of those words be? A Thousand Words - Stories From Our City is a project that aims to find out by taking photos from around Derby City centre and using them as inspiration for new songs and musical pieces.  Singers songwriter, rappers and musicians living in Derby have being bought together to be the voice of these images.  The two mediums combined create a powerful set of artwork that Derby City itself has inspired and given stimulus to.  


Manifesting in a series of live events and performances across the city, the people of Derby will get chance to see and hear the work being performed live by the artists involved.   The music and images will also be freely available on a limited edition CD at the events.  


Funded by Arts Council England, Derby City Council and Baby People, the project was devised by Derby based artist Alex Blood, whose own musical career includes work with the late Amy Winehouse and touring with rap superstar Jay Z.    Local photographer Greg Jackson was assigned the task of capturing the images of Derby.