Paul Herron
Lead Musician

Greg Jackson

Alex Blood is  a Derby songwriter and producer.   He has toured and performed nationally as a recording artist alongside his band "The Diggers" and has been supported by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing. He has collaborated with the likes of the late Amy Winehouse and producer Mark Ronson as well as touring alongside international rap super star Jay Z.   He has devised and curated A Thousand Words as his first arts project.  


Greg Jackson is a creative and innovative photographer from Derby.  

His work is artistic and inventive with a keen eye for emotion and detial. He is extremtly proactive in keeping his name and work in the public eye, with an active and well received blog of his work.  His dedication and passion for capturing his surrounds made him an ideal choice of photographer to create the collection needed for this project.  


See Greg's work for the project.

Zeo is UK grime MC, living in Derby who has worked with some established artist and producers such as JME (BBK), DJ Q (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Trilla, Bassboy and TRC to name a few. His tracks have been played on local and national radio stations and featured on several blogs, such as SBTV, GRM Daily and RWD mag. With strong support from BBC Introducing, Zeo has witnessed his fan base grow and become more diverse around the UK and Europe.



Hear Zeo's song for the project. 

Paul Herron is a Singer Songwriter and guitarist based in Derby. Hailing originally from Northumberland, Paul has written recorded and released many songs in his various guises as lead vocalist in The Sons, one half of the duo The Herron Brothers, and as a solo artist.   He is a key figure in the local music scene, hosting many open mic nights giving new artists exposure. 


Hear Paul's song for the project. 

Zeo Zeonardo

Alex Blood
Lead Artist


The Artists



Recently named BBC Radio 1Xtra's Introducing artist of the week Zee creates songs with an original fusion of Urban Soul.

Born in Derby and being actively involved in the local urban music scene from 15 years old, she has now become a prominent female artist locally and has consistently developed and pushed her career.    


Hear Zee's song for the project. 

Zee Musiq

Hip Hop Lyricist


Will "JD" Sayer is a Hip Hop artist from derby who has worked on many projects in Derby and Nottingham fighting to create positive change for the youth of today, he has released a series of independent mixtapes/albums that has given him a real buzz on the underground in the city.    A raw lyricist with intelligent and thought provoking messages, JD is an artist to watch out for in Derby in the coming months. 


Hear JD's song for the project. 

Luca Vincent

Luca Vincent is a 14 year old guitarist/singer/songwriter from Derby.  He is influenced by 90s grunge and indie music but is currently studying for a diploma in classical guitar.  He has recently recorded and produced his first EP with Alex Blood at BabyPeople entitled ‘Post-Post-Grunge’ (available to buy on Bandcamp!) and is now working on his next release.


Hear Luca's song for the project