Big Issue - by JD



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Song Title: Big Issue

Artist: JD


Hard to see lonley swings swingin in the wind singin, 
Chain links chingin while society is lip sinkin,
Liquor drinkin chicks linkin while this ships sinkin,
Kids flippin ching an metaphors the devils whip stingin, 
secluded silhouettes in every park around town, 
Drownded out by siren sounds tradin pounds for browns, 
There were yutes but now, there's not a sound around,
A lonely squeak while the wind'a blow the roundabout,
Grey sky's fencing off the sunshine, 
Playtime turns resentful into gun crime,
That's why every flippin sentence has a punchline, 
Fam we've all done sentence yeah we've done time, 
Mental prison all the yutes are on the PS4,
Spend their lives inside and never get to live at all, 
freedom? I'd love to say the kids miss you,
But they don't know what freedom is and thats the big issue.


Brook down buildings wasted take notice,
They could be a place for the homeless stay soldiers,
Instead they won't look in their face like they rodents,
Instead out payroll is wasted on makeovers,
I wanna talk bout how this city's peak gritty streets,
Everybody's juiced up on roids but they're livin weak,
Sugar coated shit is sweet, show the truth, wiki leaks,
Its a full moon teall David Cameron come and kis a cheek, 
Too many signs, instructin people what to do, 
there ain't the time to save that yute reluctantly a prostitute,
Kinda like the magnicharta got abolished chopped in two,
Tell me have you got the proof? Fam the news is not the truth, 
freedom? I'd be proud to say the kids miss you,
but that's something they ain't witnessed in this business life we live through,
But with this tune, this real talk, this mic I spit through, 
Pay me a pound, cause that's the big issue.


Racism classism fascism thats prison, 
Great Britain taxin us masters harassing us,
Fake Britain that isn't cash for the massacres,
Create Britain that is us, smash those attackin us,
Make Britain love aint no fakin with us,
Gonna make Britain buzz without takin a drug,
This a place that we love am not makin it up,
Wakin us up straight brakin the sub,
Made to reach up, fix a place if it's derelict, 
teach self worth and we won't need benefits,
Our heritage we've never been a place where the devil is, 
So David Cameron on ya bike right pedal it,
We're free as a bird, when we're speakin these words,
Prime minister am not writing this to diss you, 
But we frequently learn, that our frequencies earth,
So we're livin in love, and that's the big issue!!!!!

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