Ignited - by Zee Musiq



Photo Locations: Iron Gate & Silk Mill

Song Title: Feed Your Soul

Artist: Zee Musiq


Verse 1



Need a reason for the day,

You been staring at these same 4 walls just - hoping for a change.

Oh and you don't quite remember how you fell into this place,

You just needed something more to feel engaged.




Said when a man's outta luck and he's walking a lonely road,

Nowhere to go.

Searching for something much more than some silver an gold,

Wanna feed his soul,

Say it, we write it,we read it, enlightened, how can we requite it, til we feel ignited yeah.


Ignited yeah


Verse 2


Tell us where to go when we seeking guidance,

Tell us how to grow when we beat the blindness,

Cz we steady tryna make some sense of silence.

So tell my community I'm on my feet,

My city my city 1 with the streets,







Searching for - what am I really searching for?

Needing for - What am I really needing for?

Wanting for - what am I really wanting for?

Living for - What am I really living for?


Prize to the highest bidder,

They say what doesn't kill ya, can only make you stronger in your life and time.

But we don't wanna settle for a minimum wage of organised crime,

I guess that we just value ourselves a little,

And yet they wonder why we're non comital.

Tell em we on a search for something more's - 

We want our own story - Penny for your thoughts.


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