Photo Location: Eagle Market

Song Title: Mothers Silver

Artist: Paul Herron

Shutters shut

Movement slow but deliberate.

He moves she tuts

Full of life not yet inanimate


Two was company and Jack was a crowd

Jack he always used to whistle so loud



There’s still life there

If you wipe the dust

He still loves her

It’s poetic and it’s just like

Yesterday, when we would say

Let’s go down to the market

And we’ll pawn your mothers silver

And live a little while we’re still young


Rest your feet

Rubber souls slippin on a shiny street

One by one

Metal falls and that’s another done


Bring out your dead drag out those barely alive

This place rips off and grows new faces to survive




I had never stood a chance,

But would you still care to dance?

Two was company and Jack was a crowd

I wish the two of us could hear that whistle right now


Mothers Silver - by Paul Herron

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