Photo Location: Bath Street, Derby

Song Title: Permanent 

Artist: Luca Vincent

These flats are my home,                               
Please just leave me alone,
They’re building something new,
A red crane’s blocking my view.

Nothing stays the same,
Ugly flats replaced again,
Progress affecting me,
Development let me be.

Nothing is permanent,
This is something I know,
Permanence doesn’t mean much,

Eventually everything we know will go.


These flats where I live,
Threatened by newer bricks,
Build and destroy makes me vexed,
Will my place be next?


I don’t want to escape,
But my home isn’t safe,
I feel insecure,
I can’t relax anymore.


They build another hotel,
There’s already too many,
They care about the cash,
Not the people like me,
Well I’m not moving.

Permanent - By Luca Vincent

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