Photo Location: Babington Lane

Song Title: Younger

Artist: Zeo



I got 28 days to pay the rent 

i’ve got nothing to show for the work and the money that i have spent

life is looking pretty grey from the view in the present tense

live to work and work to live, it isn’t making any sense

everyone i know gave me money fam, i have lent

everybody’s grass is green when i’m looking over the fence

mines grey, with a gradient leading into red

that my balance thats my vision of life’s its just flipping dread


Been 21 days, and i’m bored

ever since i finished uni i’m always just stuck indoors

its impossible for jobs so theres nothing i can afford

need to move out mothers house cause i’m sick of the flipping chores

mowing lawns, babysittings the only money i get

this diploma clearly helped and i’m loving the flipping debt

everyday’s wake up on the xbox and internet

pack of cigarettes, on Facebook im sharing my intellect




Sometimes i wonder, yep, sometimes i wonder

if i tried my best throughout my life then what would i be under

life without the blunder, with age its getting tougher 

dont tell me its just a number, i aint getting any younger  (X2)




I’ve had 18 shots 

and its the first time that ive drank some people may be shocked

cause its my birthday so theres nothing that will make me stop

i’m free to gamble might be roulette or it may be slots

i got my ID what?

start an argument and have about 4 fights

my essays due tomorrow but i’m stopping out all night

i’m spending off my grant so everything can get bought twice

i’m living as a student what you doing with your life?


I’ve used 14 life’s trying to complete this stage

so i’m on the net i’m trying to find out the cheating page

jump on MSN and speak to Gemma and speak to Jade

frig my homework i dont give a damn what my teacher say

i’ll get out detention i’ll tell the school that i feel ill

i should be a footballer cause in P.E i’m real skilled

lesson are a waste of time my teachers need a chill pill

tell me what will algebra do for me in the real world?




I’ve 8 my dinner can i please go back outside

barracuda with suspension is parked on the flipping drive

friends are waiting on me mom, they’ve been waiting for flipping time

got a pound hit the shop by a lucky dip and then ride

ride so far you feel like you’ve been to the gym

last one back stinks, that is a race that i gotta win

get a puncture then your pushing but chances of that are slim

frig a puncture if i get one i’m riding it on the rim


2 day 1 is not feeling so flipping verbal

i’ve been eating crayons till my salivas dripping purple

feeling so frustrated cause my stars are like flipping hurdles

and i cant get this flipping square to fit in this flipping circle

feeling like a dummy as i look at these flipping rails

bars around my bed its like i’m sleeping in flipping jail

everybody’s talking to me weird their putting on stupid voices

why does every one sound like chippendales 




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Younger - by Zeo